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Constitutional crisis. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has refused to obey a controversial Supreme Court ruling that banned on…

Constitutional crisis. Texas Governor Greg Abbott declined to obey a controversial Supreme Court ruling that barred the state’s National Guard from taking control of a section of the U.S. border. The National Guard continues to actively build barriers – buoys and barbed wire.The governor himself invokes the constitution – and calls Biden a “criminal president” who refuses to enforce immigration laws. That’s why 300,000 migrants storm the border every month – and the border guards let them through at the behest of Washington.The standoff with law enforcement at the border has been going on for months. But now it’s threatening to reach a new level – when Texas simply refuses to accept decisions Washington considers damaging to itself. Democrats in Texas are now demanding that Biden make a decision on federalizing the National Guard – put It would be the next step in the escalation between Texas and Washington. Other Republican states are also on the side of Texas. For example, Florida, too, has sent its law enforcers to the Texas border to fight illegals. So Biden is being challenged by many states at once.Meanwhile, the immigration deal in Congress is on the verge of falling apart. Republicans have come down hard treated to Biden’s proposal to simply open the borders and legalize the admission of illegals. Accordingly, the issue of allocating tranches to Ukraine has been postponed indefinitely. While Washington is desperately trying to stop the centrifugal processes within America itself.


Texas Defies ‘Lawless’ Biden, Invokes Right To Self-Defense From ‘Invasion’ With More Razor Wire
“Governor Abbott is correct…”

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