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7 Super Bowl Charts That Sum Up Fan Expectations

7 Super Bowl Charts That Sum Up Fan Expectations

As the Super Bowl approaches, anticipation is mounting, not only for the rematch between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs but also for the spectacles that come with it: the ads, the parties and sadly this year, Taylor Swift. 

The crew over at RotoWire recently checked in with fans to gauge their expectations not only for Sunday’s game – but also for Sunday’s spectacle. Here’s what they found.

As far as the game itself goes, fans are expecting Kansas City to win slightly more than San Francisco. The Vegas-favorite 49ers, enjoying a solid 46.6 percent of fan support and holding the sportsbooks’ endorsement, aren’t in the underdog position but rather emerge as potential dark horses, ready to deliver a twist.

As far as excitement levels, they run the gamut for this year. More than half of the fans are highly excited, rating their enthusiasm at a vibrant 4 or 5.

Nearly 70 percent of fans view Taylor Swift’s association with the NFL positively. Yet, the modest enthusiasm for her presence at the Super Bowl or headlining the upcoming halftime show indicates a preference among fans for a Swift-free football experience, Rotowire writes.

It’s unsurprising that Patrick Mahomes and Christian McCaffrey top the MVP forecasts, yet in the Super Bowl almost any player can emerge as MVP. Here’s the fan favorites:

Most viewers prefer to stay home to watch the game – a customizable, comfortable, and cost-effective way to watch the game – the survey revealed for this year:

Finally – with an eye on publicly traded sportsbooks like DraftKings, more than 65% of people surveyed said they were going to gamble on the game. The Super Bowl is one of the most popular events for betting in the United States, attracting a vast amount of wagers from both casual and serious bettors.

Nowadays, the variety of betting options extends beyond simple win-lose outcomes to include prop bets on specific game occurrences, player performances, and even aspects of the halftime show and commercials. This ensures every detail of the game – like the outcome of the coin toss, how many touchdowns a player will score, to more unique propositions like the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach – will be in focus. 

You can view more of Rotowire’s survey on the big game here

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