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Release of Audrey Hale Manifesto Doesn’t Sit Well With LGBTQ+ Orgs

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The concerns of LGBTQ+ groups stem from the fear that the publication of the manifesto could lead to further harm to the LGBTQ+ community. They caution against any potential media attention that may give a platform to hate speech or extremist views, as well as the risk of inspiring other individuals to commit similar acts of violence.

Jordan Budd, the executive director of Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere, has stated that the alleged manifesto should not be published. Instead, the focus should be on addressing how such tragic events are able to occur in the first place. Budd emphasized the need to restrict easy access to deadly weaponry to prevent future incidents from happening.

Charles Moran, the national president of Log Cabin Republicans, an organization that advocates for equal rights for LGBTQ+ Americans within the GOP, emphasized that while the document may provide insight into the shooter’s motivations, there are serious consequences to consider. Such a publication could potentially glorify the shooter and inspire others to commit similar acts of violence for attention.

Laura McGinnis, a spokesperson for PFLAG, agreed with Moran’s sentiments and stated she ultimately believes that the contents of the document will not alter the outcome of the tragedy.

According to a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, the department has no plans to release the alleged manifesto during an open investigation.

Original Article Below: By Katherine Fung for Newsweek

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