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8 people are killed when smuggler boats capsize off San Diego…

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: At least eight people perished when two migrant smuggling vessels capsized in treacherous waves and heavy fog off U.S. shores. The Coast Guard and San Diego Fire-Rescue teams pulled eight bodies from the water, but fog hindered search efforts for additional victims. It’s possible some may have fled to land – including 911 caller Sarah. James Gartland, San Diego Lifeguard Chief, warned of potential hazards including sandbars and in-shore currents near Black’s Beach 15 miles (24 km) north of San Diego in a quiet area near La Jolla Shores.

Smugglers frequently visit this beach due to its large sandy shore and gentle waves. Many private beaches south of the U.S. border lack gated entrances due to lack of funds, while others remain partially constructed due to lack of progress. In May 2021, a boat full of migrants collided with a rock in San Diego Harbor, killing three and injuring over two dozen more; President Joe Biden has seen illegal crossings rise under his leadership as many migrants have turned themselves in to Border Patrol agents and been released back into the United States where their cases can continue at immigration court.

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