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‘A teaser for Alex Jones’ OnlyFans?’ Host raises questions with vulgar post about leftists

Noted right-wing television personality and court-adjudicated conspiracy theorist Alex Jones set the internet on fire Wednesday with a vulgar post about liberals.

Jones, who recently declared he’d go on a “warpath” against former president Donald Trump in connection with his stance on the Covid vaccines, made a post on Wednesday that confused and delighted many social media users. Jones has also been in the media recently for having to pay massive sums in connection with Sandy Hook conspiracy theories that put victims’ lives at risk.

“I will eat your leftist a–,” the post says with quotes and Jones’ name at the bottom. A black and white photo of Jones was also included.

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“Alex Jones launches OnlyFans site to pay for defamation suits,” said the People Power podcast Wednesday.

“Alex Jones’ Only Fans targets a niche audience,” another account wrote Wednesday.

Conservative anti-Trump activist Rick Wilson picked up on the news, saying simply, “Pass.”

A commenter on Wilson’s post wrote, “Did Alex Jones set up a Only Fans page?”

Actor Bob Clendenin also picked up on the post, including a screen shot of Jones’ image along with the following text:

“I’m guessing this is a fundraising effort to pay his settlement?”

One of the commenters on that post wrote, “A teaser for Alex Jones’ Only Fans?” in response to the image.

A page called “Hard Reality” also joined in.

“Alex Jones first advertisement of his Only Fans page to help pay for the $1 billion settlement,” they wrote Wednesday.

Leon Skum wrote, “Alex Jones promoting his OnlyFans account.”

Actor Jon Cryer also joined in, saying, “At least he’s trying to make amends.”

A Cryer commenter then added, “The same sort of guys who shout GO WOKE GO BROKE have shit like ‘Chip in to the Alex Jones Was Right Tip Jar, I’m so fucking broke and desperate for money right now…’ in their bios. But I guess that explains this ad for… his new kinky OnlyFans account, I guess?”

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