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‘A very good day’: Trump reacts to Michael Cohen’s testimony in rambling rant

Former President Donald Trump declared that he had a “very good day” after his attorney, Todd Blanche, cross-examined Michael Cohen in a Manhattan hush money trial on Tuesday.

Following the first day of Blanche’s cross-examination of Cohen, Trump spoke to reporters outside the courtroom.

“As you know, I’m under a gag order, so I can’t really answer those very simple questions that you’re asking,” he complained. “I’m under a gag order. Nobody’s actually seen anything like it.”

“And today, we had a very, I think, a very good day in court,” the former president continued. “You see what’s happening. And you’ll have to report it because I can’t talk about it too much.”

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For nearly 15 minutes, Trump read from a stack of papers quoting right-wing pundits who wrote in support of his defense.

“We’ll be back tomorrow,” he added. “Again, we had a very good day. I think we’re exposing this scam for what it is.”

“Are you angry?” one reporter shouted as Trump walked away.

Watch the video from Fox News below or at this link.

Source: Raw Story – Celebrating 20 Years of Independent Journalism

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