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Afghanistan: ISIS Terrorist Resurgence After US Withdrawal

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: According to a recently leaked classified Pentagon assessment, Afghanistan has become a significant coordination base for the Islamic State as the terrorist group plans attacks across Europe and Asia, as well as conducting “aspirational plotting” against the United States. The assessment states that ISIS-K (the Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan) has been developing a cost-effective model for external operations that relies on resources from outside Afghanistan, operatives in target countries, and extensive facilitation networks.

The terrorist threat is a growing security concern, especially considering persistent efforts by the Islamic State in other parts of the world to obtain expertise for creating chemical weapons and operating drone aircraft. Biden administration officials have declined to verify the leaked documents’ authenticity but have defended their counterterrorism record since taking office.

The documents will almost certainly be used as a political cudgel by congressional Republicans and others still seething about the Biden administration’s chaotic management of the U.S. exit from Afghanistan in August 2021. Current and former U.S. officials warn that the reports appear to bear out previous warnings about the potential for a terrorist resurgence in Afghanistan after the U.S. withdrawal.

The Islamic State’s standing within the broader organization has risen, and the group “has the ambition to attack American interests in the region and, ultimately, the U.S. homeland itself,” according to a former State Department coordinator for counterterrorism.


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