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AG Paxton: Biden’s Immigration Agenda Endangers Every American Life

The Biden Administration’s reckless push to flood America with illegal immigrants is a ticking time bomb that is set to devastate the great state of Texas with a massive influx of unvetted foreign aliens. Title 42 has now expired and the Lone Star state faces an impending crisis of astronomical proportions, replete with soaring costs, rampant crime, and unimaginable societal upheaval. In the face of this disaster, Texas Attorney General Paxton has issued a chilling statement.

“The brutal reality of Biden’s immigration agenda should shock the conscience of every American. His policies allow monstrous gang members, terrorists, human traffickers, drug dealers, and violent criminals into our country and demonstrate that the President is willing to sacrifice American lives for his open-borders agenda. Furthermore, our public services, including overburdened schools, hospitals, and law enforcement, are saddled by the federal government with unsustainable costs as billions of dollars are spent supporting illegal aliens residing in Texas.

Never in our history has a president worked so flagrantly against the interests of our nation and the safety of our citizens. Title 42 is set to expire on May 11, yet Biden has refused to implement the proven ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy or other sensible methods of deterring illegal immigration. Instead, he has introduced and continued destructive policies with the full expectation that the chaos will worsen. This includes his unlawful ‘parole’ program that pre-approves huge numbers of aliens to enter the country, his ‘prioritization’ guidance that directed ICE to shield criminal aliens from deportation, his new overseas processing facilities to fast-track so-called ‘asylum seekers’ to fly directly into the United States, his collaboration with NGOs to guide illegal immigrants to the border, his provision of taxpayer-funded airplane tickets and other services to aliens while our own citizens struggle financially, and his complicity in the trafficking of minors forced to toil as indentured servants in dangerous jobs.

While no amount of suffering appears to dissuade Biden from his open-borders agenda, his routine violations of the United States Constitution open him up to accountability through the courts. I will continue to use every resource available to end his unconstitutional assault on our borders and sovereignty.”  

Despite the grim reality of the border crisis, President Biden has refused to take any substantive action to address it or acknowledge his role in causing it. Instead, he continues to implement policies that promote illegal immigration and place an unsustainable strain on our public services.

Fortunately, Attorney General Paxton has been at the forefront of the fight to defend our borders and uphold the rule of law. Through his heroic legal challenges, he has successfully stopped several of Biden’s policies that would have worsened the crisis. However, with the fate of America’s safety and sovereignty hanging in the balance, it’s clear that the battle is far from over.

As the Texas Attorney General warns, we must act now to put an end to Biden’s reckless open-borders agenda and prevent the impending devastation that awaits.

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