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Alina Habba won’t say if Trump has begged Russia and Saudi Arabia to pay his bond

Alina Habba, an attorney for Donald Trump, declined to say Wednesday if the former president has asked Saudi Arabia or Russia to pay his legal debts.

During an interview on Fox News, host Martha MacCallum asked Habba to respond to the “glee” among some after Trump failed to come up with a $464 million bond required to appeal a New York fraud ruling. In particular, hosts of ABC’s The View said they couldn’t wait to see the Trump Tower sale.

“They are poster women for Trump derangement syndrome, and they should seek help — that’s my thoughts on that,” Habba responded. “I hope they go to church and pray on that or whoever they pray to because I don’t hold hatred like that towards anybody, frankly.”

“Is there any effort to secure this money through another country: Saudi Arabia, Russia?” MacCallum asked.

“Well, there’s rules and regulations that are public,” Habba said. “I can’t speak about strategy. That requires certain things, and we have to follow those rules.”

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“I think everything is done intentionally,” she added. “I do not doubt that the witch-hunt, that the election interference goal is what was ringing steady and loudly and true throughout all these trials. Frankly, and we’re seeing it. It’s the demise of our country, not the demise of Trump. So we’ll handle it as we always have, and keep our heads up and keep working hard.”

Watch the video below from Fox News or click the link.

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