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America’s Descent: The Grim Spiral Of Escalating Crime

In the United States, a disturbing trend emerges as store owners are left with no choice but to take matters into their own hands to combat rampant thefts and robberies plaguing their businesses. While law enforcement struggles to curb the soaring crime rates, frustrated shopkeepers are pushing back, leading to heated confrontations with criminals.

As store robberies evolve into a massive underground industry, with billions of dollars at stake, thieves boldly seize merchandise in broad daylight, even from renowned establishments like Apple.

In California, a social experiment of decriminalizing thefts under $1000 for nine years has emboldened criminals, orchestrating large-scale looting sprees in cities like Los Angeles, particularly targeting 7-Eleven stores, followed by the stolen goods being sold at a discount, including on the darknet.

In a recent incident, a thief picked the wrong opponents – determined store owners who fought back fiercely. However, such acts of self-defense may put these shopkeepers at risk of facing legal repercussions from “progressive” California prosecutors, who prioritize protecting the rights of so-called “underprivileged” minorities.

Annually, shoplifting costs the American retail sector an alarming $100 billion, witnessing a staggering 90% rise in just four years. As a result, retailers are fleeing cities like San Francisco, unwilling to operate amid unchecked lawlessness.

This is the essence of America’s new liberal justice system – turning a blind eye to real criminals while targeting law-abiding citizens who dare to defend themselves or political opponents like Trump.

As the country experiences crime levels reminiscent of the 90s, residents are fleeing the chaos-stricken liberal megacities in search of safer havens.

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