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Anti-Democratic Sentiment On The Rise In US, As Core American Values Weaken

According to a recent Wall Street Journal-NORC poll conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, American values such as patriotism, religious faith, tolerance, and having children are becoming less significant to Americans. The poll also revealed a widening political divide and increasing economic concerns.

The survey found that only a tiny percentage of respondents (1%) viewed the nation’s economy as excellent, with the majority (54%) defining it as poor. Additionally, a significant percentage (47%) believed that the economy would worsen, with inflation being the most significant concern (65%).

Furthermore, 44% of those polled felt that they and their families had little chance of improving their standard of living, while just 28% believed the opposite. The survey also revealed that only 21% of Americans are confident that their children’s generation will have a better life than they did, while a vast majority (78%) expressed uncertainty.

Overall, the poll suggests that the current economic climate, coupled with a growing political divide, is contributing to a decline in traditional American values and an increase in uncertainty about the future.

In comparison to a similar survey conducted in 1998, fewer Americans now believe that patriotism, religion, having children, and community involvement are very important.

For instance, the number of respondents who view patriotism as very important has declined from 70% to 38%, while the importance of religion has fallen from 62% to 39%. Similarly, the significance of having children has dropped from 59% to 30%, and community involvement has reduced from 47% to 27%. Additionally, tolerance towards others, which was deemed very important by 80% of Americans just four years ago, has declined to 58%.

Experts believe that the combination of political division, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the lowest economic confidence in decades is having a profound impact on American core values.

Moreover, another concerning trend highlighting a shift in the American mindset was observed in a September 2022 poll conducted by Axios-Ipsos Two Americas Index. The poll found that around one in three Americans would prefer a strong unelected leader to a weak elected one, and believe that US presidents should have the power to dismiss judges over their rulings.

Additionally, a significant number of Americans are now open to non-democratic norms. The survey found that Republicans and Democrats supported these norms in nearly equal proportions.

The poll also revealed that a concerning number of Americans (38%) agreed that the US government should prioritize the will of the majority, even if it meant compromising the civil rights of ethnic and religious minorities. Additionally, 34% of respondents, including those from both parties, said that the federal government should be able to prosecute journalists and news media for making unpatriotic or offensive statements.

Some US academics have commented on the poll’s results, suggesting that there is a disturbing amount of anti-democratic sentiment in the country, much more than anticipated.

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