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‘Are these the best people we can get?’ GOP operative questions Trump RNC hires

To the amusement of his Democratic co-panelist, GOP campaign strategist Scott Jennings questioned the Republican National Committee hiring election denier Christina Bobb as counsel overseeing election integrity.

Bobb, a former Donald Trump attorney and anchor on the right-wing One America News, is the latest hire by the RNC that is undergoing turmoil with firings after Trump loyalists were installed after the purge of former head Ronna McDaniel.

Speaking with CNN host Jim Acosta on Thursday morning, with former Democratic lawmaker Bakari Sellers in attendance, Jennings appeared to not know what to say about the hiring of the controversial Bobb.

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“This is a name that came up during the 2020 campaign cycle — she’s an election denier,” host Acosta prompted. “I mean, really when you’re an election denier, you’re a reality denier. But is that going to be helpful at all to have election deniers at the RNC? I can’t imagine you’re happy.”

“I don’t know her personally, so I can’t speak to her qualifications or credentials for this job,” Jennings began. “I do have a great amount of belief that Chris LaCivita, who is effectively taking over the RNC for Trump, knows what he’s doing.”

“It’s not unusual for political parties to hire a bunch of lawyers,” he continued. “The Democrats will as well in preparation for a close election. This particular person? I mean, yeah, I mean, let’s be honest, she said some things and got way out there in the last election. Yeah. My general view is if you’re going to go to work for a political party or a campaign. the question really is, are you the best person for this job?”

Pressed further he added, “I will say this; I’ve never been involved in a presidential election… in which the national party wasn’t able to attract the best and brightest lawyers from all throughout the conservative movement to help on its election integrity efforts — the same will be true of the Democrats.”

“My question would be, does this person fit into that group?” he elaborated. “Is this the best possible person you could get? I’ve asked this about Trump’s legal team before. I mean, you know, I think he’s had some not-so-great lawyers representing him in court and it’s led to some losses before. If I if I were in their shoes, I would just say, are these the best people we can get? Because we’re going to need the best people if the election is going to be as close as we think it is.”

Watch the video below or at this link.

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