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Assange’s ‘Kingly Proposal’ to Charles III: A Sarcastic Plea From Behind Bars

In a letter ahead of King Charles III’s coronation, Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, made a satirical and sarcastic “Kingly Proposal” calling on the monarch to visit the prison that bears his name – His Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh, to observe its “world-class” conditions. Assange, who is currently incarcerated at Belmarsh, described the prison’s culinary delights, prisoners’ recreational use of prescription drugs, the prohibition on playing chess for “healthcare” reasons, rodent infestations, and a friend’s suicide before his deportation to Brazil.

Assange’s letter implored King Charles to visit Belmarsh, saying that it was an honor befitting a king. He also cited the King James Bible’s words, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy,” urging the King to make mercy the guiding light of his kingdom.

Assange was arrested by British authorities in 2019 after Ecuador revoked his asylum status and allowed police to remove him from its embassy in London, where he had sought shelter since 2012. On the day of his arrest, the US Department of Justice unsealed a multi-count indictment against Assange, charging him with 17 counts under the Espionage Act, which can carry the death penalty.

Assange’s charges are related to his communications with whistleblowers, notably Chelsea Manning, who provided WikiLeaks with classified materials alleging US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Assange, who did not personally hack these materials, was charged for his role in publishing them.

There have been calls from various news outlets, celebrities, free speech activists, and some US and international politicians for US President Joe Biden to drop the charges against Assange. Assange is currently fighting extradition to the US from the UK on the grounds of his declining health.


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