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[VIDEO]At Least 23 People Have Lost Their Lives As A Violent Tornado Ripped Through Rural Mississippi

On Friday night, devastating tornadoes tore through the Mississippi Delta region. At least 23 people were killed and scores more injured; four remain missing. Rolling Fork was particularly hard-hit with 13 confirmed fatalities. Sharkey County was particularly hard-hit, with the local hospital suffering damage. Nearby Humphreys County experienced one death and two children were critically injured while Yazoo County experienced 11 tornadoes within 24 hours – 11 in Mississippi and Alabama alone. Storm reporters have described the tornado that struck Rolling Fork as one of the deadliest in years. Aerial footage has shown the devastation caused by this event, with buildings and cars destroyed across the landscape. While search and rescue teams continue to search through debris, officials warn that death toll could still rise. It serves as a tragic reminder of nature’s destructive power; our prayers are with those affected by this catastrophe.

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