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Authorities Are Preparing For Chaos When Spring-Breakers Begin Their Invasion Of South Florida

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: South Florida has long been a popular vacation spot for college students during spring break, but the increased number of guests has led to overcrowding and violent behavior in some areas. Law enforcement agencies across South Florida are bracing for possible chaos on beaches and in streets. In 2000, Miami Beach declared an hourly curfew after a series of street fights, shootings and stampedes. In Fort Lauderdale, the beaches are packed with people, there’s plenty of booze flowing and parties going strong. Some Floridians have expressed their worries about the impending chaos and do not wish for spring breakers to descend upon their city. Miami is experiencing an unusually heavy volume of traffic for spring break, so individuals who have relocated to South Florida from the Northeast may want to stay away from cities and beaches for the hectic week ahead.

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