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Bakhmut’s Tragic Fate: A City Reduced To Ashes

Tyler Hicks @ New York times shot this drone footage while embedded with the 93rd Mechanized Brigade of Ukraine outside Bakhmut.

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine is being devastated by relentless fighting, as captured in drone footage taken by The New York Times. The footage reveals a haunting scene of scorched buildings, destroyed schools, and parks filled with craters. Amidst the chaos, the Russians claim victory in this prolonged and bloody battle, while the Ukrainians see it as just one phase of their ongoing struggle. However, the city lies in ruins, with countless lives and homes reduced to ashes. The remaining civilians navigate the dangerous streets, their fate uncertain. President Biden reported significant casualties among Russian soldiers, while Ukraine has also suffered immense losses. Evacuation efforts were hindered by intensified bombardment, but some residents chose to stay despite the danger. The Russian military systematically destroyed the city block by block, pushing the Ukrainian forces into a small area. Murals offering solace were destroyed, leaving only a battered and lifeless city. Russian flags now fly over the strategic Donetsk region. The tragedy of Bakhmut serves as a grim reminder of the devastating toll of war.

Drone footage shot by Tyler Hicks via New York Times
Original New York Times Article Below:

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