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Baltimore’s Key Bridge collapses after cargo ship rams into it: Live updates

A search-and-rescue operation is underway for at least six people and a state of emergency is in place for both Maryland and Baltimore after a cargo ship crashed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge overnight Tuesday.

The cargo ship Dali, which was headed to Sri Lanka, hit a support on the bridge around 1:30 a.m., causing the steel structure to fall into the water. The ship had lost power and issued a mayday call.

At a press conference Tuesday morning, Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul Wiedefeld said eight people were on the bridge at the time, and two have been accounted for.

“So many of us know that bridge because it is our normal commute,” Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said at the news conference. Moore said the ship’s distress call saved lives, because bridge traffic was brought to a halt.

The bridge, on Interstate 695, carries tens of thousands of vehicles each day. Francis Scott Key Bridge, named for the writer of the national anthem, was opened in 1977.

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