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Barron Trump ‘declines’ offer to be a delegate at Republican National Convention: report

Barron Trump is honored but turning down the opportunity to join his siblings as a Florida delegate to the Republican National Convention in June because he has “prior commitments.”

“While Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, he regretfully declines to participate due to prior commitments,” the Office of former First Lady Melania Trump confirmed in a statement to The Daily Mail.

The bowing out comes two days after former President Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron, 18, was expected to be cast as one of Florida’s at-large delegates when the Republican National Convention takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this summer.

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“We have a great delegation of grassroots leaders, elected officials and even Trump family members,” Florida GOP chairman Evan Power said after they received a list of the delegates expected to represent the Sunshine State. “Florida is continuing to have a great convention team, but more importantly we are preparing to win Florida and win it big.”

It was thought that Barron would join Power along with Florida delegation’s chairman, brother Eric Trump.

Also expected to be part of the delegation to mint Donald Trump as the GOP nominee includes: Donald Trump Jr. fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle, Michale Boulous, the husband of Tiffany Trump; former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, longtime Trump adviser Sergio Gor; prominent Trump donor, and former Marvel Entertainment Chairman Ike Perlmutter, among others.

The high-profile move dovetails off a recent report relying on sources close to the family saying that Barron, who turned 18 in March, is looking to break free from the isolated presence in the shadow of his gatekeeping mother, First Lady Melania Trump, once he graduates high school and then heads to college.

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