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“Beat Biden” Video Released by RNC Depicts America’s Bleak Future Under Second Term of President Biden

Video Courtesy @GOP via Twitter

The Republican National Committee has just released a chilling video that showcases the dire consequences America will face under another four years of President Joe Biden. Titled “Beat Biden,” the video depicts a future where our country is under attack from all sides, using images generated by artificial intelligence.

The video begins with a narration that states the 2024 election has been called for Biden, but what if the “weakest president we’ve ever had” were to be reelected? The video then proceeds to show four sets of images that predict the GOP’s outcomes for Biden’s foreign policy, economic policy, border policy, and crime policy.

The AI-generated images are alarming and depict Taiwan being attacked by China, the financial markets crashing, regional banks closing their doors, the southern border being overrun, and San Francisco being overtaken by crime and drugs. The images are accompanied by questions such as “What if international tensions rise?” and “What if our border is gone?”

The video concludes with an image of Biden at his desk, and the narrator asks, “Who’s in charge here? It feels like the train is coming off the tracks.”

The release of this video coincides with Biden’s announcement of his candidacy for re-election, where he attacked “MAGA extremists” and showed images of Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) together. With former President Trump as the Republican front-runner for the 2024 presidential race, and Gov. DeSantis in a close second, the “Beat Biden” video serves as a stark reminder of what America could look like if Biden is given another four years in office.

The RNC’s video is a powerful message to Americans to take the upcoming election seriously and consider the ramifications of electing a president who has shown weakness in the face of adversity. If you want to see America thrive and overcome the challenges it faces, then it’s time to consider a change in leadership.


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