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Bengio, Musk And Wozniak Urging Pause On Developing More Powerful AI Systems than GPT-4

A group of notable figures in the tech industry, including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and AI pioneer Yoshua Bengio, have signed an open letter calling for a six-month pause in developing new AI tools more powerful than GPT-4. This is in response to concerns that AI systems are becoming human-competitive at general tasks and may be used in dangerous ways that we do not yet fully understand. The letter was spearheaded by the Future of Life Institute, a non-profit that Musk serves as an external advisor. The open letter does not call for all AI development to halt, but instead urges companies to temporarily stop training systems more powerful than GPT-4, including the next generation of OpenAI’s technology, GPT-5. OpenAI officials say they have not yet started training GPT-5 and that they have always given priority to safety in development. The concerns raised in the letter highlight the potential risks associated with powerful AI systems and the need for greater caution and oversight in their development. While some have questioned the motives of the letter’s signatories, it is clear that the debate around the safe and responsible development of AI will continue to be an important issue in the years to come.

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