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Biased Judge Wants To School Trump

In light of Judge Juan Manuel Merchan’s recent protective order against former US President Donald Trump, it is clear that this Democratic judge is more interested in seeking fame than in upholding justice.

Merchan’s order, which restricts Trump from posting evidence to social media or third parties not involved in the legal proceedings and warns him against intimidating witnesses, is a clear attempt to silence the former president’s voice and strip him of his First Amendment rights.

But let’s not forget that Trump has a longstanding history of being harassed by those involved in his legal cases. He has been the victim of baseless accusations and smears from individuals with political agendas. Merchan’s order is just the latest attempt to intimidate and silence Trump.

It is evident that Merchan is not impartial, as he was appointed by the Clinton administration and has been known to make political statements in the past. This protective order is a clear indication that he is more interested in making a name for himself in the media than in ensuring justice is served.

The fact that Merchan is even considering holding Trump in contempt for violating his protective order is a gross abuse of power. Trump has the right to defend himself and his reputation, and Merchan is attempting to take that away from him.

It is time for the American people to stand up against judges like Merchan who abuse their power for personal gain. We must demand that justice be served impartially and without political bias.

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