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Biden Administration’s Plot To Label Conservatives as “White Supremacists”

The Biden administration has been accused of actively targeting conservatives as the primary terror threat in the US. Despite millions of minorities who are also conservative, the left continues to use the words ‘white supremacy’ every time they mention conservative ideals in their rhetoric.

This accusation of white supremacy simply doesn’t apply to the millions of minorities who are anti-socialist, pro-2nd Amendment and pro-meritocracy. However, the left continues to repeat this claim until the public subconsciously associates conservatives or conservative principles with racism, even if the claim is provably false.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been caught using a propaganda program to teach the public how to identify “radicalized” domestic threats, with the majority of dangerous persons provided in sample cases being people espousing conservative values. It’s clear that the DHS is seeking to actively target conservatives as the primary terror threat in the US.

This revelation comes just as the White House launches a domestic terror tour, with Joe Biden proclaiming that “The most dangerous threat to our homeland is white supremacy…”. However, this claim has been debunked as a ploy to distract from the real issues at hand, such as the crisis at the southern border and the looming debt crisis.

The establishment would prefer to divide America along racial lines as much as possible before stagflation turns into a crash. They are targeting anyone of any color that opposes their ideology. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas notes that he agrees with Biden’s conclusions and suggests the focus of the DHS will be American citizens. This includes leftist trans school shooters like Audrey Hale and groups like Antifa engaging in open terrorism.

The definition of extremism is changing daily to include values that common people hold dear. Today you are a good and moral person; tomorrow, you’re a terrorist. That is how these things have always worked. It’s time to wake up and realize that the Biden administration is actively targeting conservatives as the primary terror threat in the US.

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