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Biden Is Mocked On Saudi State Television As Being Stupid And Senile While An Actor Imitates His Real Life Blunders

This week, Saudi state television mocked US President Joe Biden at length in a scathing portrayal of the head of state as senile and foolish. In the video, a horrified ‘Kamala Harris’ tries to escort an actor playing Joe Biden off stage as he attempts to greet imaginary people. A number of viewers said on social media that the satire was painful but true. “It’s correct. It’s amusing. “It’s not going to end well,” one Twitter user predicted. Others pointed out that there was almost no need to create a new video depicting a doddering Biden attempting to shake hands with people who don’t exist, given that he’s been repeatedly photographed doing so. This is the second time in a year that the satirical Saudi television show Studio 22 has mocked the American president. Last April, the show aired another segment in which Kamala Harris was repeatedly forced to intervene as Biden dozed off in the middle of his speech. The sketch comes at a time when Riyadh is trying to be more independent in its foreign policy, deepening ties with China and Russia despite pressure from the US. On March 10, Saudi Arabia said that it was restoring diplomatic ties with Iran. This is the latest sign that the country does not want to be Washington’s pawn.

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