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Biden sits for interview with Univision that will air next week

President Biden on Wednesday sat down for an interview with Univision, taking questions from one of the country’s largest Spanish-language broadcasters.

The interview will air next Tuesday, April 9, the White House said.

Vanity Fair first reported that Enrique Acevedo was set to interview Biden at the White House. The outlet also reported Acevedo conducted an interview with Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez.

Univision faced backlash from Democrats and some in the media after the outlet conducted an sit-down with former President Trump last November that was widely perceived to be a softball interview with little pushback on Trump’s answers.

The Univision interview marks the latest instance of Biden increasing his media exposure as the general election campaign ramps up. He sat down last month with Jonathan Capehart of MSNBC, though he still has yet to sit for an interview with a major print media outlet.

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