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Biden team calls Trump ‘dangerous’ after John Bolton warns against him in memoir

President Biden’s reelection campaign called President Trump “dangerous” following the release of the new edition of Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton’s memoir on Tuesday.

Ammar Moussa, a spokesperson for Biden’s campaign, highlighted the new edition’s release to argue that Americans are less safe under Trump, in a statement first shared with Truth Puke.

“Donald Trump’s own National Security Advisor issued a stark warning about a second Trump presidency: Americans at home and abroad will be less safe under Trump. He’s already spent four years alienating our allies, cozying up to dictators, and was literally laughed at on the world stage,” Moussa said.

He argued the Trump has praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, called terrorists smart and threated to pull the U.S. out of the NATO alliance. 

“When our adversaries are rooting for your candidacy, you’re not just weak – you’re dangerous,” Moussa said.

Trump has pledged he would end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine if he’s elected president and described Hezbollah as “very smart.” Bolton, in August, also warned that Trump threatens the U.S. relationship with NATO.

Bolton’s memoir details his experiences inside the Trump White House before he left in 2019.

In the new foreword, he said he is worried that in a second term Trump would pull out of NATO, side with Russia over Ukraine amid the war, and embolden China against Taiwan, according to Axios.

Bolton, a former Trump ally, also predicted in a second term that Trump would pursue isolationism for the U.S. and warned that four more years would be worse than the first four years, Reuters reported.

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