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Biden To Hold Campaign Fundraiser In NYC With Barack Obama And Bill Clinton

Biden To Hold Campaign Fundraiser In NYC With Barack Obama And Bill Clinton

Authored by Katabella Roberts via The Epoch Times ,

President Joe Biden is planning to host a reelection campaign fundraiser in New York City next month alongside guests including former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

The event is set to take place on March 28 although a venue has not yet been selected, according to officials.

President Obama, under whose administration President Biden previously served as vice president, confirmed the news on X (formerly Twitter) on Feb. 6.

Folks – I’ll be in NYC on March 28th to support @JoeBiden. Who’s coming with me? Chip in for your chance to join,” he posted on the platform alongside a photo of President Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris, and a link to the event.

Under the post, President Bill Clinton wrote: “Count me in. Who else is going to be there?” to which President Biden responded, jokingly, “You guys know you can just call me next time, right?”

According to the event link—which asks for donations—one individual could win the chance to attend alongside their chosen guest and meet the three presidents before getting photos with the former U.S. leaders.

The winner will also receive free flights and a hotel stay for the event in the Big Apple, with the overall cost of the prize amounting to approximately $ 4,000 in retail value, the link states. The event comes as President Biden ramps up fundraising efforts ahead of the November elections.

Biden Trails Trump in Polls

President Biden’s campaign said Tuesday that it received the highest monthly donation total in January since launching in April 2023, breaking monthly records previously set in December and November of last year.

“Month after month, Team Biden Harris continues to show strong and early action. It’s a testament to our strong grassroots program and that our coalition is mobilized around the stakes of this election,” Rob Flaherty, deputy campaign manager at Biden for President, told Truth Puke.

Last month, the campaign said it had $117 million on hand after raising more than $97 million in the fourth quarter of 2023. It headed into the new year with around $46 million to spend, officials said.

However, President Biden’s likely Republican challenger, former President Donald Trump, has raised about $130 million over the same period in the final months of the year. Still, the GOP competitor’s campaign headed into 2024 with reserves of $42 million after spending heavily.

The fundraising event comes as President Biden is set to attend three smaller fundraisers in Manhattan this week, according to reports.

Meanwhile, recent polling among registered voters shows President Biden narrowly trailing behind his GOP rival President Trump in key swing states including Georgia and Michigan.

A separate YouGov survey published on Feb. 2 also shows that President Biden would lose by roughly one percent in a hypothetical rematch against President Trump if the presidential election were held today.

Samantha Flom and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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