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Biden wins Washington Democratic primary

President Biden is projected to win the Democratic primary in Washington State, according to Decision Desk HQ.  

Biden wasn’t expected to face any serious competition in the Evergreen State, which awards 92 delegates on the Democratic side. 

However, organizers angry at the Biden administration’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war established a campaign encouraging Democratic primary voters to cast ballots for “uncommitted.” The campaign has been endorsed by the largest labor union in the state, United Food and Commercial Workers 3000, in addition to American Federation of Teachers 1789 in Seattle. 

The campaign is similar in nature to the “uncommitted” campaign that started in Michigan in which Democratic voters were encouraged to cast ballots for “uncommitted” in the primary. That effort notched 13 percent of the vote in the Great Lake State and saw momentum in Minnesota, where the “uncommitted” vote received 19 percent of the ballots cast. 

Democrats are expected to win Washington state handily in November given Biden beat former President Trump there in 2020 by close to 20 points.  

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