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Biden’s EV Mandate Threatens Heartland with Mass Unemployment

Proposed Biden Administration regulations are stirring a storm of controversy, with a research report by AFPI indicating that they could spell disaster for the American auto manufacturing sector, potentially resulting in the loss of over 100,000 jobs. The focus of concern revolves around the administration’s ambitious EV mandate, which demands a drastic shift in the proportion of electric vehicles (EVs) sold in the country. This shift could lead to the erosion of numerous manufacturing positions as auto manufacturers are compelled to pivot from conventional vehicles to EVs. This transition could disproportionately impact the Midwest, a region synonymous with U.S. automobile production, potentially triggering massive job losses in states like Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

Critics argue that this mandate seems to disregard the prevailing consumer sentiment, as a significant portion of Americans still prefer traditional gasoline-powered vehicles over EVs. As industry analysts warn about the consequences of such a rapid transition, concerns loom large over the potential closure of assembly plants and the subsequent elimination of vital jobs that have long been the backbone of these manufacturing-intensive regions. The Biden Administration’s ambitious goal of achieving a staggering 67% EV market share by 2032 raises the stakes dramatically, casting a shadow over both the auto industry’s stability and the livelihoods of countless workers, particularly in the Midwest.

Amid these concerns, a surprising narrative is unfolding within the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Reports from Business Insider suggest an alarming mismatch between supply and demand for EVs, leading to a surplus of unsold electric vehicles accumulating at dealerships. This phenomenon, exacerbated by fierce price competition fueled by the likes of Tesla, raises questions about the sustainability of the current EV market. Notably, dealerships are reportedly turning away surplus EV inventory, indicating a potential crisis for major automakers and the broader EV market alike. The combination of regulatory pressures and consumer preferences presents a challenging road ahead for the EV industry, as it grapples with an uncertain future and the potential implications of a mandate that appears to be out of touch with market dynamics.

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