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Biden’s Executive Order Curbs Investment in Chinese Tech Amid Security Concerns

In a decisive move, President Joe Biden has taken action to safeguard US national security by signing an executive order that restricts investment in Chinese tech companies. This order designates China as a “country of concern,” citing concerns over its intentions to exploit American business interests.

The White House unveiled this significant policy shift in a statement, detailing the requirement for US firms to notify the Treasury Department of specific investments in Chinese tech. Certain transactions will face outright prohibitions under this directive.

The primary aim of this initiative, as stated by officials, is to prevent foreign entities of concern from leveraging US investment in critical technologies that have applications in military, intelligence, surveillance, and cyber capabilities.

The policy underscores the US commitment to maintaining an open investment environment while safeguarding vital technological advancements.

The scope of the order extends to Chinese companies operating within “sensitive technologies,” encompassing artificial intelligence, semiconductors, and quantum computing. On the American front, the focus lies on private equity and venture capital firms engaged in international business endeavors.

China’s Ministry of Commerce has responded to the new regulations with “serious concern,” indicating its intention to take countermeasures. The Ministry emphasized the importance of market economy principles and fair competition, urging the US to facilitate global economic exchanges and cooperation.

Biden’s executive order builds upon prior export controls related to advanced computer chips. It goes a step further by declaring a national emergency in response to Beijing’s rapid technological advancements, considering them an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to US national security.

Amid an ongoing trade dispute between the two nations, the order exemplifies the Biden administration’s efforts to address perceived national security risks. China’s role as a key player in the global technology landscape has amplified concerns, prompting the US to navigate a delicate balance between economic engagement and safeguarding its security interests.

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