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‘Big political hit’: Trump admin official reveals what ex-president ‘cares the most about’

Donald Trump’s current legal troubles are cutting to the core of who he is as a person, according to a former official from his administration.

Former Homeland Security official Miles Taylor, who has claimed his home was targeted by a break-in shortly after he published a scathing “Anonymous” op-ed about Trump’s presidency, appeared on CNN on Sunday.

The host asked Taylor about Monday, which he deemed “a nightmare day for Trump” because of a hearing likely to delve into the former president’s private finances.

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“Does it surprise you at all that it’s come to this?” The host asked.

Taylor replied that it “doesn’t surprise” him.

“I think you really can’t overstate how much this is a nightmare for him,” Taylor said. “I mean, folks that don’t know the man might say it was impeachments or it was criminal investigations by the FBI or any number of other things that he has experienced all these other cases he’s going through on classified documents or hush money. But Omar, it’s his money that he cares the most about.”

Taylor added that “Trump’s entire identity is wrapped around this mirage of his business success.”

“And to have that openly taken from him is something that won’t just be an actual hit to his lifestyle. It will be a big political hit internally and externally. It will hit the man’s ego and it will be used against him. And you’re already seeing Joe Biden and his allies talk about a broke Donald Trump. It’s something that really does resonate in a bad way with Donald Trump.”

Watch the video below or click the link.

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