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Black Activists Abandon Black Lives Matter

In a shocking turn of events, black activists have distanced themselves from the troubled organization known as Black Lives Matter, following a revealing report by the Washington Free Beacon. The report alleges that the group is hurtling towards financial collapse.

A coalition consisting of 26 local chapters that were once closely aligned with the national Black Lives Matter group has released a scathing statement, placing the blame for the organization’s downfall squarely on the shoulders of its cofounder, Patrisse Cullors. Cullors, who identifies as a “trained Marxist,” has faced intense scrutiny since last year when it was revealed that Black Lives Matter had used charitable funds to benefit her family and friends.

According to the coalition, named Black Lives Matter Grassroots, the sharp decline in donations to the organization is a clear indication that donors prefer to fund the actual work rather than lavish spending on high-priced consultants. They assert that they are currently engaged in a fierce battle for the essence and integrity of Black Lives Matter.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained tax documents that paint a dire financial picture for the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the national branch of the movement. Astonishingly, the group managed to deplete two-thirds of the staggering $90 million it raised following the tragic death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020. Furthermore, there was a significant drop in donations during the organization’s 2022 fiscal year.

Investigation into the tax records reveals that Black Lives Matter spent over $10.5 million on expensive contractors, many of whom had close connections to Cullors. Notably, two companies operated by her brother, Paul Cullors, accumulated $1.6 million by providing what they claimed were “professional security services” to Black Lives Matter in 2022. Paul Cullors also received a hefty salary of $126,000 as the “head of security” for the beleaguered charity. His responsibilities included protecting a lavish $6 million mansion in Los Angeles, which Black Lives Matter secretly purchased using donor funds in 2021.

Another key figure tied to Cullors, Shalomyah Bowers, her chosen successor after her resignation in May 2021, managed to funnel $1.7 million to his company, Bowers Consulting, for management and consulting services during Black Lives Matter‘s 2022 tax year.

Bowers’s control over Black Lives Matter became the breaking point that led to the separation between the national group and the local chapters it once represented across the country. In 2020, Black Lives Matter established and operated BLM Grassroots. However, in 2022, the coalition decided to break away due to increased scrutiny from several liberal states, which cited widespread compliance issues within the organization.

In September, BLM Grassroots filed a lawsuit against Black Lives Matter and Bowers, alleging that he exploited the charity as his personal “piggy bank,” fraudulently diverting $10 million in fees to his own company.

The coalition’s lawsuit accuses Bowers of continuously betraying the public’s trust through self-dealing and breaching his fiduciary duties. They argue that his actions have triggered investigations by the Internal Revenue Service and various state attorneys general, resulting in irreparable harm to Black Lives Matter in less than 18 months.

Melina Abdullah, the director of BLM Grassroots, stunningly claimed on Tuesday that she had no knowledge of Black Lives Matter squandering charitable funds before the two groups severed ties. Abdullah stated during an appearance on the podcast Roland Martin Unfiltered that she viewed Black Lives Matter primarily as a movement and had been less vocal about its internal affairs, asserting that she had no involvement in financial matters or the allocation of funds.

Despite the gravity of these revelations, Black Lives Matter has chosen not to respond to requests for comment regarding the allegations made against them and the subsequent distancing by black activists. As a once-unified movement faces an uncertain future, former ardent supporters grapple with a sense of disillusionment and betrayal.

This article is based on a report by the Washington Free Beacon.

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