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Blinken Accused of Lying Under Oath About Hunter Biden Emails [VIDEO]

In a recent Fox News interview, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin accused US Secretary of State Antony Blinken of “bold-faced” lying in his congressional testimony regarding his contacts with President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. Johnson alleged that Blinken lied when he stated during a voluntary Senate committee investigation in December 2020 that he had never emailed Hunter Biden. Johnson claimed to have evidence to the contrary and also stated that the emails between Blinken’s wife and Hunter Biden proved that Blinken had perjured himself.

The controversy surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings in Ukraine and China emerged just weeks before the 2020 presidential election when the New York Post reported on the contents of a laptop that Hunter Biden had allegedly abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop. At the time of Blinken’s testimony, Joe Biden had just won the election.

Johnson further suggested that Blinken and his wife should preserve their records for legal reasons, adding that the Biden family and those surrounding them could not be trusted. Johnson’s accusation comes on the heels of former CIA director Mike Morell’s testimony to Congress that Blinken had urged him to organize an open letter claiming that the laptop story was the product of a Russian “disinformation campaign.” Morell later admitted to Congress that he was motivated by a desire to help Biden win the election.

The accusations against Blinken come at a time of heightened political tensions in the United States, with the Biden administration facing criticism from Republicans over a range of issues. Johnson’s claims are likely to be seized upon by conservative media outlets and could fuel further calls for investigations into the Biden family’s business dealings and the broader issue of political corruption. However, it remains to be seen whether the allegations against Blinken will gain traction, given the partisan nature of the current political climate in Washington.


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