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Boebert stares down Trump enemy as she sparks mockery with court appearance

Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) were among those in the audience to support Donald Trump on Thursday — and the Colorado Republican was reportedly staring daggers at the former president’s critics.

Photos were taken of the lawmakers positioned directly behind the ex-president as his trial began and Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, continued his testimony.

Also inside court was outspoken Trump enemy and lawyer George Conway, who on Wednesday delivered a message directly to Trump from MSNBC, calling him a “wuss” and saying he is too “scared” to testify and defend himself.

The last time Conway, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, was in the courtroom, he said Trump scowled at him, and he beamed with a grin for his ex-wife, Trump’s ex-adviser Kellyanne Conway’s, former boss.

On Thursday, MSNBC’s Dasha Burns reported that, “Gaetz and Boebert have been staring down Conway as we prepare for part two of the cross-examination of Michael Cohen.”

Boebert, still hasn’t lived down her fondling incident during a Denver production of Beetlejuice. Her appearance Thursday prompted critics of Boebert to suggest on X that someone remind her of the court etiquette that should be followed in prohibiting sexual behavior.

“When you can get these two but not your wife in court, it’s got to register with the jury,” quipped former prosecutor Joyce Vance on X.

Another person recalled Bobert’s inability to “keep her mouth shut” during the “State of the Union Address.”

“How will she do today? Love to see Judge Merchan come down on her,” said Neall.

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See the video clip below or at the link here.

Lauren Boebert staring down George Conway in court

Source: Raw Story

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