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‘Bordeninriviv’: Conservative George Conway calls out media for ignoring Trump’s ‘aphasia’

Donald Trump suffers more and more “aphasia every day,” but the mainstream media is talking about President Joe Biden instead, according to conservative attorney and activist George Conway.

Conway, a one-time supporter of Trump’s political ambitions who has since become one of the former president’s most prominent critics, on Sunday pointed to a line from Trump’s rally the day before. The ex-president was talking about Biden’s border policies, insisting that people who cross into the U.S. do not “speak English!”

“They don’t speak English!” Trump said at his New Jersey rally, referring to migrant children.

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“They’re sitting in chairs, listening to a teacher talk in English, and they don’t speak English. And it will be Biden’s,” Trump added before slurring his words. He then self-corrected, and said, “Biden’s border invasion…”

The mistake was flagged by a Biden campaign-affiliated account on social media.

“Trump: They don’t speak English! Biden’s bordeninriviv,” Biden-Harris HQ wrote on Saturday.

Conway shared that quote, suggesting the media isn’t treating the two presidential candidates the same way.

“More aphasia every day, as many mental health professionals have continually been pointing out. But hey, MSM, let’s talk about Robert Hur’s report some more,” he wrote on Sunday. “C’mon guys, do you really think this is normal? And how much coverage would you be giving to Joe Biden if he slurred gibberish like this?”

Conway went on to say that Trump made numerous mistakes while reading from a teleprompter.

“Oh, looky, he’s doing this while reading from a telepromptisherathingamajigacovfefe …. Come on, folks, do your jobs,” the lawyer added.

The border slip-up wasn’t the only one from Trump’s weekend rally. He was also mocked online after failing to pronounce a different sentence.

Watch below or click the link here.

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