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Borrell: Send Warships to Taiwan Strait to Defy China

European Union foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, has called for EU navies to patrol the Taiwan Strait, citing the need to deter China’s aggression and maintain the status quo in the region. Borrell argued that the European Union should assert itself more firmly on the Taiwan issue, which has economic, commercial, and technological implications for the EU.

The proposal is similar to the US practice of conducting “freedom of navigation” patrols involving military vessels in the Taiwan Strait and other regions, which has been a contentious issue in bilateral ties between Washington and Beijing. Unlike American military vessels, European warships rarely pass through the Taiwan Strait.

Borrell also touched on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, urging China not to support Russia, as it would only increase the polarization of the international system.

Borrell’s bellicose call for EU navies to patrol the Taiwan Strait is a significant and dangerous move that could potentially escalate tensions between the EU and China, including the possibility of a military confrontation. The proposal reflects the EU’s growing concerns about China’s expanding influence in the region and its assertive posturing towards Taiwan.

The EU needs to tread cautiously and engage in constructive dialogue with China to avoid any miscalculations or misunderstandings that could lead to a crisis.


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