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‘Boyt? Huh?’: Donald Trump’s most ridiculed ‘glitches’ from Ohio rally

Donald Trump on Saturday appeared to have several “glitches” while on stage at an Ohio rally, and the internet isn’t going to let the former president forget it.

Trump appeared as a special guest speaker at a Buckeye Values PAC Rally in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday, March 16.

Trump used the event to hammer President Joe Biden, and slam the “illegal monster” who is accused of killing a nursing student by the name of Laken Riley.

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During his customary retelling of “The Snake” but redirected toward illegal immigrants, the ex-president fumbled with the word “bite.”

“You’ve bit me but why?!” Trump shouted. “You know your boyght is poisonous.”

@SitaRose27 wrote in response, “You know what they say about snakes, watch out for that boight!”

@Lucybelle47 wrote, “Boyt? Huh?”

Trump also attempted to give a shout-out to MAGA-backed Bernie Moreno, who at one point supported LGBTQ rights before turning against them, but fumbled his name, instead pronouncing it “Marino.”

A popular account called “Spiro’s Ghost” replied:

“Dementia J. Trump can’t even pronounce his sycophant’s name. SAD!”

At one point, Trump’s frustration grew so much that he lashed out at the teleprompter company.

“Don’t pay the teleprompter company,” he said after bragging he didn’t need the device.

In another bewildering move, Trump actually says that “Joe Biden won against Barack Obama.”

Spiro’s Ghost said, “Ok. This is CONSPICUOUS DEMENTIA. Under any theory of thought this makes no sense at all. Wtf? WAKE UP MSM.”

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann responded, saying that “not only is Trump hallucinating and on the verge of complete cognitive collapse but if you can bear to listen to it, the second time, he says, ‘Obaba.'”

Trump also appeared to pronounce the “Rolling Stones” wrong, saying “Rolling Storns.”

Olbermann also responded to that mistake from the ex-president, calling it “phenomic paraphasia – when you stop saying actual words or syllables and instead say things that SOUND like them.”

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