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#BREAKING: Trump Won’t Be Arraigned This Week. Tomorrow, Former President Will Be Indicted, And Secret Service Will Arrange His Surrender And Appearance In New York Court Next Week

Truth Puke’s Takeaway: Donald Trump will likely be charged on Wednesday☹️, but he will not appear before the judge in New York until next week. According to a person who is familiar with the case, Trump will likely be👎👎 formally accused tomorrow, and then authorities from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office will contact Trump along with the members of his Secret Service detail to make arrangements to surrender. Then, he’ll travel back to New York, where he will be detained, fingerprinted, and photographed for his mug shot. Authorities in New York City and Washington, D.C., are prepared for potential unrest 🔥 and protests in response to the ex-president’s call to his supporters to “protest or be protesting’ over possible indictments.

A NYPD internal memo made available to CNN states that all officers must be uniformed and ready to be deployed on Tuesday due to fears of possible disturbances in the event of an arrest of former president Donald Trump by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The NYPD is the biggest police force in the nation and currently has around 36,000 officers and 19,000 civilians. Washington Metro police are also prepared for protests; however, it is not clear if the U.S. Capitol Police is currently monitoring any credible or direct threats towards or from the US Capitol. Trump fans gathered in front of his Mar-a-Lago venue at Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday, waving flags and holding signs to show their support for him📣📣.

It is reported that the NYPD as well as the NY State Court Police have been ordered to be uniformed and prepared for deployment in the event of an indictment being filed against the former president Donald Trump, but the indictment will not be announced until either Wednesday or Thursday. Donald Trump’s attorney has denied the truth of the claims of an intimate relationship between him and Stormy Daniels, describing the $130,000 hush fund as a “nuisance” payment that famous or wealthy people frequently utilize to make a disconcerting circumstance disappear. NYPD officers riding on mopeds drove by Trump Tower in Manhattan amid tensions should an indictment is brought against former President Trump. Protesters gathered in Palm Beach, Florida, on the 21st of March to demonstrate their support for the former president. Trump claimed he was being targeted by a ‘Stormy Horse Face” Daniels plot to extort money’ and is now facing a series of horrendous radical left Democratic investigations.

Daniels is suffering from the consequences of Trump’s looming arrest, as her lawyer Clark Brewster told TMZ that Daniels received ‘incendiary messages’ via social media and is taking additional security precautions. In the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump declared that he would remain running for president in 2024 regardless of whether he is facing criminal charges as part of the ongoing investigation concerning the handling of White House documents and alleged Trump election tampering. There were protesters were in New York City on Tuesday repeated assertions from Trump and his prominent Republican supporters they believe DA Alvin Bragg is doing the work of liberal mega-donor George Soros. Trump supporters were spotted in front of Trump Tower on 5th Ave. on Monday, after the former president urged his supporters to ‘protest and protest’ the imminent charges. Anti-Trump protesters also congregated on the streets of New York near the courthouse on Tuesday, with a number of them holding signs that read “Trump is Guilty” and a photo-shopped picture of him in jail wearing the black and white stripes of his prison uniform. said that the hush money payouts towards Stormy Daniels were made to prevent the story from getting to His wife, former first lady Melania Trump. InTouch Weekly published a 2011 interview with Daniels who spoke about a sexual encounter with Trump’s President-elect in the hotel an establishment situated in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, following a golf tournament featuring celebrities. Trump was furious Melania was going to find out the details of the incident and did everything could to keep the incident secret.

Original Article below: By SHAWN COHEN FOR DAILYMAIL.COM

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