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“Burn It All Down”: Radical Maryland ‘Equity’ Official Promotes Racial Revolution

“Burn It All Down”: Radical Maryland ‘Equity’ Official Promotes Racial Revolution

In a crime-ridden metro area just north of the Washington, DC swap, dominated by radical progressives, it comes as no surprise that the mayor recently appointed a “racial equity” leader who openly supports violence and advocates for a revolution

Fox News reports that “Kayla Aliese Carter,” the head of College Park, Maryland’s racial equity department, which aims to eliminate systemic racism in its local government, supports “Black liberation” through revolutionary means and praises a plan “how we will eat and live and grow after we burn it all down.”

The banner image on Carter’s X account reads: “I can’t wait for society to collapse so MY ideology can rise from the ashes!”

Following the killing of George Floyd, Carter wrote on X: 

“Do you all understand why the oppressed are constantly shamed out of using violence??? BECAUSE THE OPPRESSOR WANTS TO BE THE SOLE PROFITEER OF VIOLENCE. THEY DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH BACK TALK. ‘DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO’ FACE ASS. No.”

In 2022, Mayor Fazlul Kabir hired Carter via Resolution 20-R-16, “which renounced systemic racism, declared support of Black lives, and called for the ongoing explicit and conscious confrontation of racism.” This was in direct response to the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. The law mandated that Carter perform examinations of “all current policies and programs” for radical bias. 

“Remember we are at war against colonialism,” a 2021 Instagram post read. 

She has repeatedly expressed frustration online: “I hate when White children stare at me … Its literally terrifying so I just stare back until they stop.” 

The social justice warrior also hates the police

 Responding to Carter’s ridiculousness is Del. Nino Mangione, R-Baltimore County, who said: 

“The blatant racism from Kayla Aliese Carter is on full display for the entire world to see. She is an embarrassment to Maryland and the city of College Park. She should be immediately terminated from the position in city government and apologize for her offensive, vile, vulgar statements. Leaders of goodwill across Maryland should forcefully condemn Ms. Carter’s words and actions immediately. There is no room for this inexcusable hatred and intolerance in Maryland.

People with attitudes like this should not be in public service, and their thoughtless behavior should not be excused.  Shame!”

What are X users saying about this? 

Yet this is another progressive radical the FBI will ignore as they’re more concerned with Catholics and elderly MAGA folks in rural America. 

Wed, 03/13/2024 – 22:00

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