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Canada Expels Chinese Diplomat Over “Foreign Interference”

On Monday, the Canadian Foreign Ministry declared Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei persona non grata, accusing him of “foreign interference.” This move comes as tensions between China and Canada continue to escalate, particularly over the detention of Canadian citizens in China.

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Melanie Joly stated that the decision to declare Wei persona non grata was made after careful consideration of all factors at play. The Ministry’s announcement emphasized that Canada would not tolerate any form of foreign interference in its internal affairs and that diplomats engaging in such behavior would be sent home. The statement further reiterated Canada’s commitment to defending its democracy, emphasizing the country’s resolve to prioritize national security over all other considerations.

The decision by the Canadian government to declare Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei persona non grata follows a series of allegations of foreign interference by Chinese officials. These allegations were initially brought to light when Chinese Ambassador Cong Peiwu was summoned by the Canadian foreign minister over the reported harassment of conservative Canadian lawmaker Michael Chong and his family in Hong Kong. Chong had been critical of the Chinese government, and the harassment was seen as an attempt to stifle his freedom of speech.

This move is likely to further strain already fragile diplomatic ties between the two countries, potentially leading to further retaliatory measures.


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