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Carroll says she would ‘absolutely’ sue Trump again if another case arises 

Longtime advice columnist E. Jean Carroll on Monday said she is “more than willing” to sue former President Trump again if another case arose in the future.

A jury last week ordered Trump to pay a whopping $83.3 million for defaming Carroll in 2019 when he denied the longtime columnist’s allegation that he sexually assaulted her in the mid-1990s.

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow, speaking with Carroll and her lawyers on Monday, brought up Trump’s posts on Truth Social, in which the former president shared multiple posts and articles about Carroll’s allegations.

“He seems to be pushing it already in terms of whether or not he is going to go back to calling you a ‘liar’ or denying that he did what he did,” Maddow said.

Maddow then asked Carroll if she would sue Trump again if her lawyers told her there is another case against him. Carroll answered, “Absolutely. Absolutely.”

Maddow followed it up by asking Carroll if the trial wasn’t too much “wear and tear.”

“Rachel, many people as you know, have been through much worse than I went through at that trial,” Carroll responded. “People suffered more difficult things than I’ve ever been through in my life. And I’m more than willing to do it again, because we achieved so much in a seven-day trial. We did what people thought was impossible. We beat Donald Trump.”

Earlier in the interview, Carroll celebrated the verdict, telling Maddow she believes it “bodes well for the future.”

“I think we planted our flag,” she said. “I think we’ve made a statement that things are going to be different, that there’s going to be a new way of doing things in this country because of this indestructible team of lawyers.”

Last week’s jury verdict was the second time Carroll won damages from Trump after a separate jury last year found Trump liable for sexually abusing Carroll and defaming her in separate remarks. The former president was ordered to pay $5 million.

Trump has maintained Carroll was lying and fabricated the accusation to sell her book and has repeated this claim in multiple social media posts over the past several days.

In one Truth Social post hours before the verdict, Trump contended he was “wrongfully accused by a woman he never met, saw or touched (a photo line does not count!) and knows absolutely nothing about.”

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