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CBP Data Shows That Sixteen Terrorists Who Were On The FBI’s Watchlist Crossed The Southern Border In The Month Of February Alone.

Truth Puke’s Takeaway: In February, the Border Patrol apprehended 16 people on the FBI’s terror watchlist (Thank you, Biden and Kamala!), bringing the total number of arrests related to terror watchlists for this fiscal year (so far) up to 69. This pace is on track to surpass last year’s record-setting figure of 98 contacts made during FY’22. CBP officers have detained 214 individuals listed on the Terrorist Screening Database so far in FY23. The Department of Homeland Security maintains that America’s borders remain secure🤥🤥🤥🤥, and the greatest risk comes from “domestic extremists” radicalized by false narratives spread on online platforms. CBP detained 128,877 individuals in January for illegally crossing the border, and another 128,913 in February. This represents a decrease from December when 251,487 illegal immigrants crossed illegally – marking their highest monthly total ever recorded.

During testimony before the House last week, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz 🏆🏆contradicted Biden administration officials by claiming a full-fledged crisis on the southern border, advocating that it be secured, and pushing for the construction of a wall.

Ortiz reported that 385,000 “gotaways” entered America this fiscal year, which may be “between 10% and 20% higher” than previously estimated. The fact that the Defense Department pays private landowners more than $50 million 💰💰💰💰to store border wall supplies that don’t need to be there makes Republican lawmakers even more angry.

It seems Biden prefers spending money to avoid building the Trump wall, rather than protect Americans from cartels.

Original Article Below: Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News

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