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Children In US Classrooms Need To Be Taught About The Concept Of Proxy War

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The Russo-Ukraine conflict has brought to America’s attention a concept unfamiliar to them: proxy war. The United States is engaged in two devastating proxy wars, the first of which claimed over 500,000 lives; however, the second proved even more devastating, culminating in Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine thirteen months prior. Under American national security policy and media sympathetic to it, proxy war remains taboo; even during 2014’s US-backed coup in Ukraine, there were thousands of pro-Russian Ukrainians killed there.

The Minsk II Accord was supposed to grant Donbas independence, yet the US, France and Germany refused or did not intend to accept it. Our proxy conflict with Russia could prove far more damaging than our proxy battle with Iran in Yemen as it could switch between nuclear and proxy warfare. To address this issue head-on, high school and grammar school curricula should include a chapter on proxy warfare as part of US foreign policy history and current events courses.

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