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China and France Reset Relations and Tackle Global Challenges Amidst Uncertainty

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: Chinese and French top leaders met in southern China’s Guangzhou on Friday, which marked the high point of European leaders’ three-day visit to China. Based on Chinese media reports, this meeting seems to have helped stabilize relations between China and Europe, amid growing turbulence and uncertainties in the world. Both sides reached some consensus on major global and regional issues, including the Ukraine crisis.

The joint declaration on Friday pledged to enhance political dialogues and mutual trust, promote global security and stability, advance economic exchanges, and tackle global challenges.

According to Global Times, the three-day visit resulted in fruitful business deals in various fields and provided guidance for the future direction of China-France and China-EU relations. Despite differences and competition, cooperation remains a priority. The Ukraine crisis was a key focus of the meeting, and China welcomed the solutions proposed by France on the political settlement.


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