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China Casts Doubt On Sovereignty Of Former Soviet States

China’s ambassador to France, Lu Shaye, has commented on the sovereignty of Ukraine and other former Soviet republics, questioning their legal status under international law. In an interview with French broadcaster LCI, Lu suggested that the ambiguous status of these countries under international law makes it challenging to resolve conflicts over disputed territories such as Crimea. Lu argued that “Effective status as a sovereign country is lacking in international law because there is no international agreement to solidify their status.”

Swiss journalist Darius Rochebin then asked Lu whether Crimea is Ukrainian territory, to which the ambassador responded, “It depends on how you perceive the problem…It’s not that simple.” Rochebin attempted to clarify that, according to international law, Crimea is Ukrainian territory. Still, Lu argued that Crimea was originally part of Russia and that it was Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev who gave Crimea to Ukraine.

Lu urged a cessation of hostilities and a focus on a diplomatic solution that addresses the security concerns of all parties involved. Despite Western pressure, Chinese officials have maintained a neutral stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, emphasizing the need to end the bloodshed and work towards peace.

Lu’s comments reflect the complexity of the historical and geopolitical issues surrounding the conflict in Ukraine. The Ukraine conflict began in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine. The international community considers this action a violation of international law, and since then, tensions have escalated, leading to violence and conflict in the eastern regions of Ukraine. While there have been several efforts to resolve the conflict, they have so far proved ineffective.

While Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has vowed to recapture all of his country’s territory, including Crimea, it is unlikely to happen without the support of Kiev’s Western allies. The Western powers believe that the territorial integrity of Ukraine must be respected under international law. They have condemned Russia’s annexation of Crimea and imposed economic sanctions on Russia.

Lu’s position underscores the importance of a diplomatic solution that addresses the security concerns of all stakeholders, which is crucial for long-term stability in the region. The Chinese government has proposed a 12-point peace plan to resolve the Ukraine conflict, emphasizing the need for a peaceful solution that respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries involved.

The international community must work together to find a diplomatic solution that addresses the concerns of all parties involved, including the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.


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