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China Strikes Back: Canadian Diplomat Expelled In Retaliation

The diplomatic spat between China and Canada escalated on Tuesday as Beijing expelled a Canadian envoy Jennifer Lalonde in retaliation for Canada’s expulsion of a Chinese diplomat accused of attempting to intimidate a Canadian lawmaker. This move came just after Canadian media reported that China had been working behind the scenes to influence elections and candidates, a claim that China has dismissed as “ideology- and politically driven manipulation designed to slander and denigrate China.”

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly has warned that additional Chinese diplomats could be expelled if such actions continue. She stated that Canada would not tolerate any form of foreign interference in its internal affairs. Meanwhile, China has reserved the right to take further action and has characterized its move as a “reciprocal countermeasure.”

Conservative MP Michael Chong, who has taken a strong anti-China stance, has been reportedly targeted by Chinese diplomatic efforts. He sponsored a motion to declare China’s alleged abuses against its minority Uyghur Muslim population as genocide, which led to his being hit with sanctions by China in 2021. Despite Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) documents alleging that China has been working against Conservative candidates in elections, Chong has denied any knowledge of attempts to influence him.

The current tensions between China and Canada illustrate the ongoing challenge of managing relationships with China, which has been accused of using diplomatic efforts to influence political outcomes in other countries. As China continues to assert its global influence, it is likely that similar accusations of interference will continue to emerge, testing the limits of other countries’ tolerance for such activities.


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