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China’s Micron Ban Indicates Advancement in Chip-Making

China’s recent ban on US chipmaker Micron, prohibiting its sales to Chinese companies involved in critical infrastructure projects, has raised eyebrows and highlighted the escalating technology war between the United States and China.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) cited cybersecurity risks as the reason for banning Micron from participating in domestic critical infrastructure projects. The move, mirroring the US sanctions on Chinese technology, has led to a sharp decline in Micron’s shares, given its significant revenue reliance on the Chinese market. The announcement which came during a summit of the Group of Seven (G7) leaders in Japan, was opposed by Washington.

The fact that in 2022, the US took similar measures to restrict Chinese semiconductors and chip manufacturers from participating in its supply chains only highlights the hypocrisy of criticizing China while engaging in the same actions. The ongoing technology war and the restrictions on critical technology exports have further intensified tensions between the two nations.

China’s ban on Micron indicates its advancement in chip-making capabilities, even though it may not match the quality of Micron’s chips. It’s plausible that China has likely developed alternative supply chains and domestically manufactured chips to mitigate the impact of the ban, protecting its economy from severe damage.

In conclusion, it seems that the ban on Micron by China is not a sudden decision but a strategically calculated move. It reflects China’s determination to advance its technology sector and protect its economy amid escalating tensions with the United States.

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