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“Civil War” Brewing In Israel

Israel “civil war” video via telegram

Massive anti-government protests against the government’s attempts to limit the Supreme Court’s role continue in Israel. Today’s escalation was fueled by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to fire Defense Minister Yoav Galant, who was opposed to judicial reform.

Some politicians, including former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, have called for the postponement of judicial reform. According to reports, Netanyahu may “postpone” the reform.

“[Prime Minister] Netanyahu has declared a civil war,” said former Israeli Air Force commander Eitan Ben-Eliahu.

More than 600,000 people, according to local media, took to the streets to protest. Crowds of irate citizens clashed with police as they attempted to break into the prime minister’s residence in the government quarter. Protesters also stormed Israel’s parliament in Jerusalem.

Protesters are erecting barricades throughout the city and calling for the resignation of the current government. Law enforcement officers make arrests and use specialized equipment such as water cannons to disperse protesters. The threat of army rebellion grew as well.

A strike by educational and medical trade unions has been declared for tomorrow. A new wave of large-scale protests and strikes is expected in Israel, which may eventually take on more radical and large-scale forms.

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