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‘Concerned’ Trump is ramping up attacks due to fear of first criminal conviction: insider

Donald Trump is likely getting more and more aggressive in his judicial attacks because he fears being convicted at his upcoming criminal trial, according to a political insider.

David Axelrod, a political analyst who spent time as then-President Barack Obama’s senior advisor, appeared on CNN on Sunday to discuss Trump’s latest actions.

The host asked Axelrod about the contrasting Easter messages by Trump and President Joe Biden.

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“I think Trump is nothing if not consistent in the fact that he, I mean, he marked Christmas in much the same way,” he responded. “He takes these holidays and he turns them into prophecies of catastrophe ahead, unless he’s elected. This is this is how he rolls.”

Regarding Trump’s recent attacks on the daughter of the judge in the former president’s hush money case, Axelrod took a stab at what Trump is “clearly doing.”

“He’s got to trial coming up in late April. That trial could very well end in a conviction, a felony conviction for him that carries with it significant penalties,” he said. “I think he’s concerned about that and what he is doing is what he always does, which he is branding it. And branding it as a vendetta… trying to link the judge to Biden through his daughter’s political consulting firm, and it’s trying to cast doubt about the whole process so that if it does go against him, that he can dismiss the whole thing as a political vendetta and he’s going to keep talking that up.”

The “danger,” Axelrod warned, “is that people listen to this,” and Trump will often include names and photos of the judges and/or their family members.

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