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Conservative George Conway 🐷 shows why Trump lawyer win won’t ‘be enough’ to beat conviction

The defense may have laid a glove on the prosecution’s star witness Michael Cohen in the criminal hush money trial, but for George Conway there was no devastating blow that landed.

The conservative attorney tussled with former president Donald Trump’s attorney Tim Parlatore on CNN’s “The Lead.”

Conway claimed a stiff jab from lead attorney Todd Blanche failed to inflict much damage on former fixer and attorney turned Trump antagonist Cohen.

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“You know for all looking at the effectiveness of the direct examination from 2015 on past the election and all the corroborated documentation in the corroborating phone records just nitpicking at this one call,” he said outside of 100 Centre Street criminal courthouse. “I just don’t think it’s going to be enough and I have a feeling that on redirect it’s gonna get all cleaned up by the prosecution.”

Blanche brought some fury when he interrogated Cohen on specific phone records and text messages related Cohen’s damning accusation that he personally chatted with his then boss, Trump, about the $130,000 hush money scheme to porn actor Stormy Daniels.

The former president has pleaded not guilty to falsifying business records to hide the payments to Daniels.

Blanche accused Cohen of lying in an instant that implicated his megastar client.

At the heart of Blanche’s salvo were Cohen’s texts detailing crank calls made by a 14-year-old prankster.

Blanche claimed Cohen reached out to Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller back on Oct. 24, 2016, to moan about being pestered, but nothing about supplying the boss with his intention of sealing up Daniels’ silence deal.

Cohen omitted the issue when questioned by prosecutors.

“That’s a lie!” boomed Blanche.

Parlatore believes the moment did damage to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case and could be the moment a jury member found reasonable doubt.

“I think that was a significant point,” he said. The prosecution’s biggest problem here is they have a lot of corroboration for the things that are not in dispute.

“They have a lot of corroboration for the things that are not elements of the crime, but the pieces that actually put Donald Trump into the the alleged crime — those elements — those are the things that there is no corroboration for.”

Conway shot back. “I think that Mr. Parlatore [sic] is grossly overstating that the that the prosecution showed that Michael Cohen lied at that instance… it’s not inconsistent since with the proposition that both he might have talked a Schiller about that very briefly and then told, ‘Hey, boss, put the boss on — Hey, boss we need to fix the [Daniels] problem.'”

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Source: Raw Story

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