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Cracks In NATO’s Armor: Turkey And Hungary’s Opposition Imperils Unity Amidst Russian Standoff

In a pivotal moment for NATO, as reported by The Washington Post, Turkey and Hungary have emerged as formidable outliers, threatening the unity of the alliance in the midst of the standoff with Russia. The article sheds light on the growing divisions within NATO as leaders convene in Lithuania for the Vilnius summit. While President Biden and his closest allies aim to convey a strong message of unity against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine, the refusal of Turkey and Hungary to support the admission of Sweden as a new member underscores the potential erosion of NATO’s deterrent power.

Despite being crucial NATO allies, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban have faced criticism for their anti-democratic practices. However, their shared opposition to Sweden’s accession highlights the ability of any member state to disrupt widely supported alliance priorities. Erdogan, emboldened by an electoral victory and with over two decades in power, and Orban, known for his warm ties with Putin and rejection of certain European aid to Ukraine, have faced both scrutiny and recognition for their military contributions to the alliance. The ongoing dispute over Sweden’s membership not only poses a threat to President Biden’s goal of showcasing a strong and united NATO but also serves as a reminder of other divisive issues within the alliance, including military spending disparities, Kyiv’s path to membership, and recent controversies surrounding the provision of cluster munitions to Ukraine.

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